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20 Best Android Play-to-Earn NFT Games for Android in 2022

android play to earn games list

Here we have list of best android play-to-earn games that you can consider playing and earning some crypto coins. Play to earn is one of the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrency without much effort. If you are looking for playing games then I hope this list of Play-to-earn crypto games will help you and make it easy for you to choose any game according to your interest.

Play-to-earn crypto games are the biggest trend in the gaming industry and the best part is all of these games can be played on your phone. Let’s see our top 20 NFT play-to-earn crypto games You can play on your android phones.

Android play to earn games

The introduction of several play-to-earn NFT games across various platforms just adds to the intrigue of the whole situation. As we all know, mining, non-fungible tokens, and trading are no longer the only cryptocurrency-related activities. These games can all be played on desktop computers, iOS, and Android devices. 

The top 20 NFT games for Android are shown below. There are various options available while using Android Play to earn games for free. 

But a select few games provide wonderful features and dominate the competition. Additionally, you should mix up the several in-game frauds. Right? Why not attempt to obtain the top NFT games for Android?

1. The Sandbox

The game’s cryptocurrency, known as sand, is built on the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded for real-world currencies such as Ether and Bitcoin. In 2022, Sandbox will be available for all platforms, and players will be able to participate in a metaverse.


2. Heroverse

Hoeroverse uses the play-and-earn model rather than the P2E format (as do other NFT games) and is a top choice for all players who enjoy puzzle-solving games. 

You can choose from as many characters in the game as you choose, including demons, humans, and animals, and each has updated and improved qualities and skills.


3. Upland

The platform allows for the sale, acquisition, exchange, and trading of virtual lands and properties that are tied to an actual place. You could be looking forward to designing your own fantasy house and meeting individuals who share your interests. Upland is on our list of the greatest NFT games for Android.


4. Cryptokitties

Do you find the thought of having visually stunning canines intriguing and exciting? You may either breed two cats or buy a Cryptokitty to make a digital kitten. By duplicating Cryptokitties, players can gain extraordinary talents and reap extraordinary advantages.

Because of their desirable properties, they receive separate ERC-721 tokens. You may put together a unique cat league and utilize it to tackle various difficulties. You might also like to join and participate in the catfights in Kittyverse. And with Cryptokitties, there are a tonne more alternatives to discover.


5. Tamadroid

If you’re a fan of the Axie Infinity series, then you need to check out Tamadroid – the latest addition to the top NFT Android games. 

The focus of the game is on creating, organizing, and breeding new creatures. You may amass over 100 different Tamadroids to use in player-against-player battles later.


6. Reward Hunters

The Reward Hunters game has a medieval setting, several avatars, regular betting activities, and weekly tournaments. Some of the game types include open-world battles, royale fights, one-on-one fights, and one-to-eight bouts. Don’t forget to buy your RHT token if you want to earn Binance coins.


7. Farmers World

Farmers World may be your cup of tea if you appreciate collecting one-of-a-kind treasures. For active participation in the game, which is built on the WAX blockchain, a unique NFT is necessary.

In the Farmers World game, you play as a farmer and compete against other farmers in the field. You may also cultivate and harvest crops on the land with a range of equipment and resources.


8. Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite stands out among the other top NFT games for Android as a fun and simple-to-play title. To take part in the combat, players must get a minimum of three Monstas. 

Six skill cards, two attack and defense cards, and other extras are included with each Monsta. Monsta Infinite, in the opinion of online users, will soon become a major success in the NFTs market.


9. Realm

The Realm is another play-to-earn NFT game we recommend for Android users. The game has a lot of micro verses. The ideal fusion of gaming, art, and music has been crammed into the game.

Realm uses augmented reality to help players progress and find valuable NFTs and Realm tokens. You could give it a shot as it allows you to breed and interact with 3D pets to rule the game world. Realm is a game that every artist should play at least once since it lets them make virtual worlds.


10. Forest Knight

Another NFT game available for Android that supports mobile gaming and blockchain accessibility is Forest Knight. You get to participate in both PVE and PVP activities, so you need to be prepared to manufacture all the necessary tools. The Forest Knight game also has three or more game modes, depending on your playstyle.


11. Devikins

Were you anticipating a turn-based RPG to unleash your inner gamer? Here it is then! Devikins makes use of a JRPG battle system with hints of Tamagotchi features.

It is an additional Android NFT game that enables players to customize their in-game characters, including adding new ones for power and versatility. Using Devicoin, you can quickly trade your avatars on the market.


12. Sorare

We can attest to Sorare’s acceptance among iOS and Android users. But what’s all the hoopla about? Now, all football players may make money while still enjoying their passion for the sport. Another NFT trading card game in which the goal is to always have the best football team on top.

Sorare already has more than 200 teams, and each week these squads continue to grow. They won’t soon be hampered as a result. You’re the next, so raise your sleeves!


13. Axie Infinity

When talking about free-to-play NFT games on Android, Axie Infinity is a game that cannot be forgotten. The NFT market is being ruled by the game.

Axies are quite prevalent and stand out given their traits. The genes have an impact on all the stats, and Axie grows more expensive as it gets stronger. So, are you prepared to use your preferred NFT Axie and start traveling?


14. Coin Hunt World

The Coin Hunt World game forces you to embark on a quest to establish your kingdoms and defend them. Additionally, the game will treat you to stunning visuals. 

The gameplay in the game is exactly what folks who want more digital NFT assets and products need to see. Who can resist the game’s individualized themes, kingdom, and regal sensations as well?


15. CropBytes

Did you believe that was all there was to it when it came to Android NFT game farming? Please buckle up because there is still a lot to come. By engaging in the in-game economy, the game provides you with mint services to help you develop your digital asset (Cryptocurrency). 

By raising animals and expanding your lands, CryptoBytes gives you access to a farming metaverse where you may increase your portfolio. It’s a lucrative game that lets you exchange NFTs for real money on the gaming market.


16. My Master War

My Master War game gives players a place to build up their armies and engage in real-time combat with other players.

Your gaming experience will be fantastic because of its alluring choices for inviting others, personalizing the game, several types of tactics, and NFT to Defi collections.


17. Spells Of Genesis

Now is the moment to invest in NFTs and take part in engaging and exciting conflicts. With Spell of Genesis, you can anticipate an engaging battle system, clever teamwork, and a flexible card library.

The game includes PvP rank features, tough modes, seasonal leaderboards, awards, and incentives. What more is there to ask?


18. Kingdom Karnage

To keep you entertained, this game immerses you in a chaotic turn-based battle. Kingdom Karnage sends you on a quest to gather 30 decks of cards while advancing character stats. Players only need to engage in missions to learn about various campaign and destination modes. 

Discover and unleash new Dungeons to gain thrilling rewards. So join the bandwagon and use Kingdom Karnage to hunt down a variety of rare, epic, and legendary characters.


19. Battle Racing Stars

Are you seeking an MMO game that you can play comfortably at home with your friends? Battle Racing is available for you. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to compete with your mates in top form. All arcade enthusiasts should play this game.

You receive a comprehensive selection of characters, avatars, skin goods, challenging obstacles, frantic multiplayer races, and fascinating NFT options.


20. Gamee

If you’re more interested in earning money, Gamee is a good choice from the list of free-to-play NFT games for Android. The game entertains you with its simple gameplay while giving you the best experience of expanding your resources.

The game forces you to acquire and earn NFTs called GMEE. Let’s enter this wide market and explore the uncommon gaming bundles there.

Checkout more about gamee here – https://www.gamee.com/


Final Thoughts 

We presume that the list of the top NFT games for Android nowadays is complete. We’ve gone above and above to compile a concise list of every safe free-to-play NFT game on Android.

You must withdraw your money and begin purchasing virtual stuff as your heart desires. It’s 2022. It’s likely past due android play to earn games. So what’s holding you back? Choose a favorite and begin trading.


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