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Join Us In Bali for the FreeCity Meetup on 29th August

freecity meetup bali

On the 29th of August, 2022 FreeCity is hosting a physical event at T-hub by Tokocrypto in Bali, Indonesia. The event will feature industry leaders from the GameFi and SocialFi arena, which lie at the core of FreeCity’s gaming metaverse. Here’s what you can expect at the event:

Bali Offline MeetUp Event Schedule

The event will begin at 5:00 pm CIT i.e. UTC 8+. Till 6 pm, the counter shall remain open for registration. 

From 6 to 7 pm, a variety of experts from the metaverse will be gracing the stage and sharing their expert opinions with the attendees. During unofficial dinner after this, you may also catch a chance to mingle with these experts and ask them questions personally. 

Post this, we would welcome all participants to join us for dinner and celebrations. After all, the essence of FreeCity is socialization and fun! 

More about FreeCity- A SocialFi Revolution

Helmed by some of the brightest minds in the sector, FreeCity is transcending the lines between web2,web3 and entertainment. Supported by the Polygon network, this Socialfi metaverse allows players to create entire cities. Players can use 3D avatars, real estate plots and microphone NFTs to represent themselves in the metaverse. Unlike existing social media platforms, FreeCity seamlessly combines the ecosystem of social interaction with blockchain technology. The platform has Gamefi components as well because it enables users to interact for rewards. 

FreeCity membership will be through VS, a collection of 5000 violent squirrel NFTs. It will be used as a dedicated identity proof for those who wish to become a part of FreeCity. With over 100 unique attributes, this NFT group can be found on the Solana Blockchain

FreeCity has a democratic vision, with the customer’s well-being forming the core of it. Users have different tools at their disposal to represent themselves in the city. Your social standing remains directly proportional to the number of NFTs you own and the level of your social interaction. The city is controlled by the community and every player has voting rights as a member. We encourage players to create value and not just be passive members of this experience. The panoramic 3D digital interface provides users with an opportunity to create a social metaverse experience like none other. 

Speaker Line-up

At the Bali event, you have the chance to catch some of the most well-known SocialFi and GameFi experts. Here’s a glimpse of some people who you can catch at the event:

Jelena R Dushenka- Co-founder and PR Director at Arche Network

Arche Network is building an easy-to-use decentralized marketplace, with a DPaaS service architecture. It aims to help reach a wider audience and educate people about decentralization, what it’s all about, why it’s so exciting, and how you can play it and earn from it – either as a developer or as a user.

Anna Liu- Our very own CMO at FreeCity

Free City is a remarkable web 3.0 project that will revolutionize the metaverse. Built on the Polygon network, this Socialfi metaverse will allow players to create entire cities using their virtual 3D avatars. Free City will transfer all crowd-based social interactions to a web3, token-based city. Primarily, it allows people to chat and engage with our players in exchange for rewards and tokens. 

Tony- CEO of Rapty

This is another SocialFi platform that will soon create history for its path-breaking technological work. 

Grant- Consulting Lead at Gotbit

Gotbit provides a platform-based solution. It allows founders of various projects to take back control of the market. The token’s DEXs & CEXs are converted into a source of income for the project. The Gotbit platform allows you to delegate, manage, track and earn on your token market. 

Myrtle Anne- CEO of Block Tides

Block Tides is a PR firm providing comprehensive marketing, growth hacking, sales and social media management for a variety of companies. Their clients are in the Blockchain, Technology, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, AI, IoT, Gamefi and emerging technologies domain. 

Why Must All Metaverse Enthusiasts Attend The Offline Meetup?

FreeCity is the ideal metaverse option for a variety of players. Social users can build and lead their communities. The interact2earn model exists for gamers, and users looking for investments can find them in the form of tokens and NFTs. For our consumer-type users, who are looking for a refined metaverse experience, we continuously update our NFT base to provide users with the latest fashion, hip-hop and film art pieces. 

On September 18th, 2022, FreeCity will be open for your exploration. You can download it from AppStore or Google Play. This meetup is your chance to get a sneak peek into what awaits you and how it could transform your life. We cannot wait to meet you! 


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