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Introducing FreeCity SocialFi App – Unleash Your Income Potential by Joining This Revolution

freecity socialfi app

Free City is an emerging Metaverse SocialFi platform built upon polygon blockchain

FreeCity represents a genuine web3 revolution. Players in this SocialFi metaverse may create their cities and communicate with one another with 3D digital avatars. Freecity, a platform that combines web 2.0, web 3.0, and entertainment, enables users to talk with one another and make money doing so. 

Users can connect through the township’s GameFi component to earn prizes. The Freecity app will be released on September 18th. Players are now being invited to join FreeCity as the top socialites in the virtual metropolis and chat2earn!

What exactly is Freecity?

The SocialFi platform is a social network and revenue-generating platform that connects the social interaction ecosystem with blockchain technology in a way that secures and decentralizes the city’s assets and economic system. 

The ultimate purpose of the platform is to change all social interactions from crowd-based to web-3 token-based cities. This long-awaited SocialFi metaverse is constructed on the polygon network, and access is possible via VS NFTs on the same platform. FreeCity’s heart and soul is user involvement.

 The company uses a chat2earn approach to promote this. Players can profit from the platform’s GameFi components, which let players earn tokens or cryptocurrencies according to how actively they connect with other users. Through the chat2earn approach, gamers in FreeCity have the chance to influence the community and earn money. Users of Engaging-2-Earn can receive prizes for engaging in city life.

Here’s how to use chat2earn and play FreeCity!

The Essentials of FreeCity

FreeCity simulates a genuine market value by motivating users to be their best selves in the virtual environment. You have unlimited creative freedom in FreeCity to create the structures you want. You may attend virtual events and performances in this metaverse, as well as social audio rooms where our chat2earn feature is put to use. You, the residents of the city with voting privileges, are in charge of the panoramic social metaverse experience. The Engage2earn approach of FreeCity is perhaps the most notable factor in achieving the fairness and openness they aim for. 

The players that engage in social interactions the most produce governance tokens for the city, which are subsequently used to decide how the platform will develop. On this platform, participants most frequently utilize microphones and virtual land as representations. You have greater standing in the city if you own more attribute NFTs.

FreeCity provides something for everyone.

In FreeCity, players may cultivate their ecosystem inside the township. The metaverse offers various features and rewards for all sorts of gamers in light of the many reasons people join FreeCity. These consist of:

These users can be classified based on how they interact with others in the metaverse. They merely want to spend money in return for upscale SocialFi experiences and premium services, not to generate money. FreeCity provides the most recent IP-protected NFTs and stunning 3D avatars for these gamers.

This metaverse acts as an investment for many participants. Their desire is Freecity’s command, and they want profits on their investments. For these gamers, microphones and FreeCity Tokens are suitable NFTs. To earn extra cryptocurrency, we also advise taking part in the city’s SocialFi and GameFi programs. Users seeking high returns on investment frequently choose real estate in Freecity as their investment of choice.

These users are the ideal synthesis of the two aforementioned varieties. The participants play games for fun, with the added incentive of earning money from their pastimes. By competing against or influencing their other players, residents of FreeCity can get tokens. The money so obtained can be utilized for carrying out various tasks inside the city.

The Engage2earn concept was created with these participants in mind. The system enables all those who thrive on social interaction to make money while doing what they do best. You may achieve this by creating your communities, affiliating with existing organizations, or just dominating the social audio rooms!

They are prepared to present you with this ground-breaking piece of technology when FreeCity debuts this autumn. Users will be able to access and explore all of FreeCity by the middle of 2023. The platform is encouraging top business professionals to work with them on this revolutionary endeavor and make history in the social web3 sphere.

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