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FreeCity Socialfi Web 3.0

FreeCity: The Socialfi Masterpiece is Coming


FreeCity is a remarkable web 3.0 project that will revolutionize the metaverse. Built on the Polygon network, this Socialfi metaverse will allow players to create entire cities using their virtual 3D elements. 

With the release of VS, the most awaited Metaverse project of the year, FreeCity will be available to users soon. VS is a collection of 5000 violent squirrel NFTs. It will be used as a dedicated identity proof for those wishing to enter Free City. With over 100 unique attributes, this NFT group is stored in Solana. 

Apart from being a proud owner of this one-of-a-kind NFT, you will also gain exclusive benefits such as IP whitelisting, claim rights, FreeCity avatar effects, central position in the voice-chat room and many other in-game benefits.

FreeCity unveils this fall and they are all set to introduce this groundbreaking piece of technology to you. On September 18th, 2022, FreeCity Socialfi App will be open for your exploration. You can download it from the AppStore or Google Play!

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How FreeCity Evolve In Web3.0 Era?

FreeCity will transfer all crowd-based social interactions to a web3, token-based city. 3D avatars will become the player’s identities in the city, and they can interact with others on the platform using microphones and the land that they own. Your 3D avatars will be highly customizable and will serve as your shadows. 

FreeCity’s novelty lies in the fact that it is a social network that also serves as a revenue-generating platform. 

Unlike conventional social media interfaces, FreeCity Social-Fi App seamlessly combines the ecosystem of social interaction with blockchain technology. This ensures the smooth functioning of the city’s assets and economy, as well as maintains the security of our player’s assets and the decentralized form of governance we have adopted. 


The platform also features Gamefi elements since it allows users to engage to earn. A real market value is emulated as players strive to reach their goals in the virtual world. FreeCity is redefining history at the intersection of web 2.0, web 3.0 and entertainment. 

FreeCity allows players to design their architectural masterpieces, and visit metaverse concerts, NFT art exhibitions, film festivals and parties. You can join and engage in social audio rooms of your choice as well. 

FreeCity NFT

FreeCity is the ideal metaverse option for a variety of players. Social users can build and lead their communities. The interact2earn model exists for gamers, and users looking for investments can find them in the form of tokens and NFTs. For our consumer-type users, who are looking for a refined metaverse experience, we continuously update our NFT base to provide users with the latest fashion, hip-hop and film art pieces. 


FreeCity has a democratic vision, with the customer’s well-being forming the core of it. By using different tools at their disposal to represent themselves in the city. The more they interact, the more NFTs they can collect. The city is controlled by the community and every player has voting rights as a member of the state. We want players to create value and not just be passive members of this experience. Users will also have the opportunity to create content and sell/rent their work to the NFT marketplace

FreeCity Tokens

FreeCity has a token economy. FCR are tokens used for daily consumption of the entire city, issued as per progress and number of residents. These can be earned by completing city missions, creating social value or winning games. On the other hand, FCC is the governance token. Players who hold this token are eligible to vote and can access a variety of reserved areas throughout the city. These can be earned through exchanges, in recognizable social value and by winning the city race. 

The social value of FreeCity will be expressed most prominently in the form of microphones. These microphones can be purchased or minted. Each piece will have different attributes such as grip and batteries that will help the players upgrade. A blind box, which contains FCC+FCR and NFTs, can also be received as you improve your microphone. 


The panoramic 3D digital interface provides users with an opportunity to create a social metaverse experience like none other. 

Real estate in FreeCity is another great source of income in the game. You can purchase land plots and build houses that will ultimately help the city grow. These plots can be used to build estates and social rooms, shopping or entertainment centers. Rents and taxes can also supplement the income of those who own land. 

We have a clear roadmap, and we are right on track to introduce this groundbreaking piece of technology to you. By mid-2023, we wish to unveil the entirety of the metaverse and allow users to explore every bit of FreeCity. We invite all industry leaders to work with us on this transformative project and create history in the social web3 space.


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