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How To Play and Earn in FreeCity ?

play and earn in freecity

FreeCity is a SocialFi metaverse platform that was created on top of the Polygon network.

FreeCity is a SocialFi metaverse platform that was created on top of the Polygon network. It is the ideal fusion of a social networking platform with a business concept for generating income. It enables users to create their 3D avatars and develop their cities, with a vision to turn all social interactions into a token-based web3 city. It mixes blockchain technology with the greatest aspects of social interaction effortlessly.

This guarantees both the protection of your assets and the efficient running of the city. On this GameFi platform, which is made available to you on September 18th, a genuine market value is simulated.

You did read that correctly. In just a few days, you may download FreeCity, the most eagerly anticipated web3 project of the year, from your Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore! Here is how you may begin.

How to Use Freecity Step-by-Step

Information Regarding FreeCity’s Microphones

Having a microphone makes you eligible to earn tokens if you’re a member of the FreeCity community. This NFT is available for purchase, issuance, or secondary market acquisition. Your social standing in FreeCity is inversely correlated with the calibre of the microphones you own. 

Everyone starts out with a basic microphone, but after you start earning prizes, you may enhance it with certain features. Each microphone has a battery capacity that affects the user’s daily income. The characteristics of the microphone determine its capacity. The following characteristics are the most crucial ones that affect how well the microphone performs:

Finally, consider the following:

FreeCity represents a genuine web3 revolution. Players may create their communities and connect in this SocialFi metaverse. FreeCity, which was created in the nexus of web 2.0, web 3.0, and entertainment, is eager to welcome its users for an unforgettable experience.

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