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Metaverse Games: What’s All the Hype About?

metaverse games

Metaverse is the next big thing in the tech world. Ever since Facebook announced that it’s changing its name to Meta, the concept is becoming increasingly popular. First the social networking platforms, then the financial industries and now the phenomenon is taking over the world of gaming. Metaverse Games have become the new Gold Rush. 

Especially after the increasing popularity of play-to-earn NFT Games, metaverse games have become the focus of developers. Today, more and more developers are incorporating the concept of metaverse into their gaming mechanics. With NFTs and Blockchain already enjoying great fame in the gaming ecosystem, it is beyond doubt that Metaverse Games are going to be a roaring success. But what exactly are Metaverse Games? What online Metaverse Games you must play? How to play metaverse games? And what are the top tips and tricks that can help you ace these games? Here, we will answer just that.

What is Metaverse?

The concept of Metaverse is based upon the idea of providing you with an immersive experience. But what does it mean to have an immersive experience? It means that Metaverse is a virtual system of inter-connected ecosystems where you can participate.

That’s right! Metaverse enables you to become a part of connected digital worlds. You can enter the virtual world by using your 3D avatar. If metaverse is an extension of the real world, then 3D avatars are a virtual representation of you. You can interact with other players from across the world.


Metaverse is a powerful concept that possesses the power to completely transform our world. From education to social networking, Metaverse is taking the world by storm. However, it is making most advancements in the social and gaming sector. It is shaking both the GameFi and the SocialFi worlds alike.

The Rise of Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game 

Metaverse games present to you a perfect blend of gaming elements, virtual reality, cryptocurrencies and real-world human interaction. With Metaverse, gaming is no longer just a leisure activity but it has become a full-time job. With play-to-earn metaverse games, you can generate an income.


There are many interesting features of play to earn metaverse games. They allow you to travel from one world to the next. They also allow you can use a digital token acquired in one game in another game. This feature is making Metaverse games increasingly popular in the GameFi universe.

Another unique feature of Metaverse games is that they are persistent. This means that unlike in other online games, there are no pauses, resets or game-overs. It is continuous process much like the real world. 

Meta games leverage high-speed internet and powerful virtual reality headsets to create an augmented experience for you. For instance, they facilitate a panoramic view of the virtual environment. In addition, there are also haptic gloves and jacket available in the market these days that give you the sensation of touch. This makes the experience even more real.

Metaverse possesses the power to establish an authoritative and influential GameFi economy.

Play Metaverse Games to Earn Crypto

Blockchain Technology lies at the base of play to earn metaverse games. You can earn by collecting items in the game. This means that now you can play metaverse games to earn money. These game items are basically embedded crypto tokens and NFTs. This is known as staking.


Furthermore, most metaverse games will reward you with some digital assets. These digital assets are mainly crypto tokens which allow you more game time. All these metaverse games crypto assets are tokenized. They have a unique identity and cannot be replicated. They are stored in a secure manner over a distributed ledger.

You can sell and exchange these metaverse games crypto assets earned by playing metaverse games. However, they can only be traded over dedicated marketplaces. For instance, in Axie Infinity, you earn SLPs, which can be exchanged in return for stablecoins.

How is NFT Making Way for Metaverse Games?

Every day, metaverse games are becoming more popular. They have also started to make appearance in science fiction. While metaverse has still not fully developed, there are many game developers who are building the foundations for Metaverse GameFi universe. 


One thing which has made major contributions towards the evolution of metaverse games is NFT. NFTs are making the universe of metaverse gaming more attractive for users.

You can collect these one-of-a-kind tokens as in-game elements. They provide you exclusive benefits and unlock unique rewards. Not just this, NFTs are an important element of the GameFi ecosystem. It is beyond doubt that they will define the future of not just metaverse games but the entire gaming industry.

Web 3.0 and the Future of Metaverse Games

The idea of Web 3.0 has not yet completely materialized. But still it has revolutionized most of the industries. Especially, in the metaverse world, the new web is making significant changes. 

The democratization of internet is imperative for the development of GameFi. The web 3.0 facilitates this democratization. It also enables fast integration of real and virtual world. It ensures that different virtual worlds can interact and interlink. 


These virtual worlds and the underlying trading between them can serve as a wonderful platform for Meta games. They further enhance the use of NFT coins and NFT tokens. The NFT trade can create an immersive experience in the metaverse games based upon real time human connection. 

Best Metaverse Games for Android and iOS

By now, you are well acquainted with the various know-hows of Meta games. You are well aware of how to play metaverse games and how they can help you earn. Here, we have prepared a list of metaverse games for android and iOS. Here are some top metaverse video games


1. Axie Infinity

The game Axie Infinity was launched by Vietnam based start-up Sky Mavis in 2018. This online metaverse game features tiny fantasy creatures known as Axies. You can raise, breed, collect and trade these Axies. You can also customize their parts. Each Axie has around 500 body parts. An interesting attribute of this game is that each offspring of the Axies acquire unique characteristics based upon its gene combination. All the virtual pets and other in-game elements have real world values in the form of NFTs.

2. Decentraland

Launched in 2020, this Metaverse Game for androids requires MANA cryptocurrency. You can create 3D avatars, buy outfits, and even acquire virtual land. You can then rent out lots of 16 square meters each. You can also organize events and  concerts. You earn money by selling tickets for these concerts. It is an interesting game that integrates the GameFi and SocialFi elements.

3. Sandbox

Sandbox was first launched in 2012. It is one of the most interesting features in our Metaverse games list. It is a user-generated platform where you can create 3D modelled avatars, plants, vehicles and pretty much everything that you may want. The online metaverse video game has three main elements- VoxEdit, Marketplace and Maker. VoxEdit is a wonderful 3D modelling tool. Marketplace allows you to trade and sell your in-game collections. Maker is an innovative tool which allows you to create games without any codes. It is an outstanding game and uses a currency named as ‘Sand.’

4. Chain of Alliance:

Released in 2020, Chain of Alliance is a fantasy role-playing game. The game involves NFT based customized monsters. To play, you must have at least 8 characters in your team in every round. You must select those characters that enhance your chance at winning. You must also arm them with the best weapons. The stronger your players are, the better are your chances of winning. 

5. Krystopia

Krystopia is an adventure game. You play this game as Captain Nova Dune. He is a space explorer. The game unravels the interesting journey of Captain Dune back to his planet after receiving a distressed signal from there. If you are into puzzles and mazes, you will surely enjoy this game. 

6. Alien Worlds

Alien World was released in 2020. Here, you will need to mine Trilium, the official in-game currency. In order to mine, you will need to travel to six different planets as a space explorer. Each planet has in place its own government. The government is elected by means of votes. You can also cast a vote. Your voting rights depend upon the amount of TLM you have on a planet. While starting to play, you get a shovel. But to get more TLM, it is recommended to buy your own land. Another way to earn more TLM is to battle other explorers and go on mining missions.


Play to earn metaverse games are all the rage in the world today. They provide a wonderful virtual escape to players. You can play to collect in-game tokens, cryptocurrency and NFTs. You can sell these elements in exchange for real world currency. The online metaverse games are a good source of income. It is just a matter of time when GameFi become a fully-developed industry, providing a full-fledged income to gamers.


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